5 women who have changed history

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Throughout history, there have been a number of women who have made an immense impact on the world. Their participation in social actions has been invaluable and their legacy lives on today. Here are five of the most important women in history and how they changed society for the better: 

1. Susan B Anthony was a pioneering suffragist who worked tirelessly to secure voting rights for all American citizens regardless of gender or race. She played an integral role in securing passage of the 19th Amendment, which granted full voting rights to women across America – something that we take for granted today but would not be possible without her work! 

2. Rosa Parks is best known as one of many brave individuals involved with civil disobedience during segregation-era America; however, she was also instrumental in organizing various boycotts against segregated buses and other forms public transportation throughout Montgomery County Alabama – leading directly to desegregation laws being passed nationwide shortly after her arrest!  

3) Malala Yousafzai became internationally famous when she survived being shot by Taliban extremists while advocating education opportunities for girls living under oppressive regimes around the world; since then, she has become a powerful symbol representing courage and determination among young people everywhere fighting injustice through peaceful means! 

4) Marie Curie’s contributions towards science were unparalleled during her time period; not only did she discover two new elements (radium & polonium), but also developed methods used by scientists even today such as x-ray imaging technology which revolutionized medical treatments worldwide!   

5) Greta Thunberg is still relatively young compared to some other prominent activists from past generations however what sets apart this Swedish teenaged climate activist from others is that despite facing criticism from older generations about ‘not knowing enough’ about environmental issues yet still remains undeterred & continues raising awareness globally regarding global warming/climate change crisis we face right now due mainly thanks largely due too human activity over centuries prior !   All these inspiring figures prove that no matter your age or background you can make real change if you believe strongly enough – something future generations should remember when looking back at these amazing female leaders’ legacies..


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